ShortStop, LLC


Among Ralph’s invention successes are

    •    Monsoon is a large hybrid aircraft which holds 350,000 gallons of water / fire retardant in a sphere-shaped tank, releasing 20,000 gallons per hour to fight forest fires. Water bombers may fill the airborne aircraft through a large baffled opening 24 hours a day. Air Force fuel tankers enable the Monsoon to remain aloft 24/7.   The Monsoon is lifted by 16 jet turbine powered high lift propellers on both sides of the aircraft's wing-like structure and helium contained inside its body. Monsoon is moved forward by jet thrust engines located at the rear of the aircraft. The 16 turbines mounted on the wings also rotate to help move the airship forward.  The result, engage investor and move forward to fight forest fires quickly.


   •   Pre-erected metal stairway system set in place, around which three and four story building are built. The result, significant construction savings. 

    •    Round rotating aircraft storage and maintenance building supported by one steel column. Building rotates allowing a single door to be moved to every hangered aircraft.  The result, patent was sold to Hughes Tool Company.

    •    The Clean Machine, large Industrial Conveyer belt cleaner for removing excess carry back of coal, phosphates, wood pulp, etc. after being deposited in a hopper. The result, sold patent after manufacturing and selling thousands of machines.

    •    Kinetic Heater, a new type of safe, economical heating device. It compresses special type of water in a sealed chamber causing a phenomenon called sonoluminescence, resulting in 250 degree fluid flowing at high speed through a heat exchanger. A fan forces air through the heat exchanger supplying 100 to 120 degree air. The result, research and development process continues.

    •    Foot Lifter, a medical device to lift the feet of children and adults afflicted with diseases such as cerebral palsy, drop foot, cancer and M.S.

    •    Leg Assist, a specially designed harness which attaches to the leg, knee and hip to move a patient’s leg forward. Automatic lifting is powered by small air cylinder at each pivot point. Both Foot Lifter and Leg Assist have been tested and proven to dramatically impact patients ability to walk.

In addition to inventing Ralph has a degree in Medical Illustrating with seven years of experience illustrating for the medical profession. He earned a pilot’s license and has multiple engine and instrument ratings.  He worked at USAF Research and Development Center on IBID, Intercontinental Ballistic Information Data, and high altitude photo reconnaissance research for the U2 high altitude spy plane.

Also, over the years, Ralph helped more than 100 inventors turn their ideas into patentable inventions. He was directly involved in the entire patent process until the patents were issued with so many inventors.

In addition he owned and operated Allied Metal Industries, employing 27 and frequently working two shifts.


Ralph Pope's ShortStop® invention is for fire safety and it prevents electrical fires from starting, saving many lives and billions of $ in damage / loss.  ShortStop, LLC electrical is the most important invention to date from accomplished inventor Ralph Pope. It is an electrical tripping mechanism that senses over temperature and mechanical damage in wiring and electrical devices to prevent electrical fires by shutting off the device before arcing or damage occurs.  The working prototype follows several patents, many years of research and development and a substantial amount of capital investment.  ShortStop, LLC fire prevention (ShortStop®) is a new and better form of fire prevention for electrical wire and anything using electrical wiring. It is to prevent electrical fires and therefore for electrical fire safety. No other safety technology performs these tasks. 

ShortStop® includes multiple USA and international patents by Ralph Pope as well as a unique trade secret that makes ShortStop® the only way to prevent electrical fires.

ShortStop® results— It eliminates injuries and loss of life from fires in homes, airplanes, businesses, automobiles, trains, ships, etc.  It saves billions of dollars and so many lives annually.  ShortStop® can be included in extension cords, building wire, wires within anything electrical (e.g. small and large appliances, power tools, AC / heaters, lighting, ceiling fans, etc.) as well as home and building wiring, automobiles / buses, aircraft, ships, commuter trains, oil & gas refineries, electrical distribution lines, etc.

The ShortStop® goal is to sell or license out exclusively the entire intellectual property to an entity with the passion to save lives and property from electrical fires.  This entity can obtain massive profits that escalate exponentially given worldwide and broad needs. The owner or licensee would greatly benefit financially from ShortStop® IP since so many other manufacturers need ShortStop®.

​"I invent to solve daily problems experienced by people, businesses, and the environment that result in saving & improving lives, increasing financial growth and improving safety in many markets." 

Ralph Pope

Electrical Fire Prevention

Inventor:  Ralph Pope