ShortStop, LLC


When ShortStop® innovative patented technology is used, which includes the metallic foil wound around the inside of the cable, as soon as a rodent chews through the outer cover of the cable and breaks the foil, the electrical power of that wire is turned off via the ShortStop® "brain". 

No mechanical damage of the wires occurs.

No Electrical Fire Occurs!

Shortstop senses the over temperature condition before the arc takes place.  Shortstop shuts off power senses over temperature before arcing occurs.

ShortStop, LLC fire safety product uses secret formula conductive polymer in all electrical wire to detect over temperature before Arcing occurs.  Mechanical damage is sensed in time to eliminate wire damage. In both cases the power of the line is shut off by ShortStop® "brain".  Electrical fires and damage are completely prevented.  ShortStop, LLC fire prevention is the means of electrical fire safety for national fire protection association!

When rodents chews through the outer cover of the cable making contact with the conductors a fire will occur without ShortStop.

Eliminate Electrical Fire Problem