Is your fire safety goal completely met yet?

Examples of Fires that could have been Prevented by ShortStop®

Do your products prevent electrical fires?

ShortStop® is the patented invention with the secret formula to eliminate these electrical fires from occurring.

Imagine Benefits of having the Solution that Shuts off Power Before the Arcing Occurs.

The Power is also shut off before the wire is damaged via impact, rodents, construction, etc.

ShortStop® can be implemented across industries and save so many lives and increase profits while saving money?

Do you want to increase profits by shutting off power before arcing occurs?

ShortStop® is a Patented Innovative Technology Brand for Electrical Fire Prevention

Do you want your products to save lives?

Prevent Electrical Fires (Pre-Arc)

​​ShortStop, LLC - Electrical Fire Frevention.  Shortstop® multiple patented electrical wiring technology prevents electrical fires from starting by detecting over-temperature (pre-arc) & mechanical damage fast!

 ShortStop® in electrical cables / wires in anything electrical prevents electrical fires.

This will annually save many lives, fire injuries & billions of $ in damage.

ShortStop® is a patented, proven invention. An electrical tripping mechanism that senses over temperature and mechanical damage in wiring and electrical device preventing fires by shutting off the power BEFORE damage occurs. With ShortStop® no electrical fire occurs.

ShortStop® shuts off power BEFORE Arcing occurs!

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ShortStop® Innovative Technology consists of multiple issued USA & International Patents as well as a secret formula conductive polymer. 


ShortStop, LLC